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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending October 29, 2021


Drug overdose death increases straining first responders on the scene

An increase in drug overdose deaths is putting a strain on first responders, prompting the development of new strategies to better help people with addiction and training mechanisms to teach paramedics, police and firefighters how to cope with what they experience on the job once they are off the clock.

Covid, Mental Health And High Costs—Here's What Americans Say Are Their Biggest Health Problems

Americans are far more concerned about the costs of healthcare, drug abuse and uneven access to treatment than other countries, though they are less worried about waiting times and staff shortages, according to a new survey by Ipsos, as health systems around the world are stretched to their limits with the Covid-19 pandemic and rising concerns over issues like mental health.

How Entrepreneurs Can Protect Their Mental Health While Being Their Own Boss
Here are a few ways that entrepreneurs can protect their mental health throughout the stressful, but rewarding journey of creating and building their own business.

OCD is not an adjective
This past week, from Oct.10–16, was International OCD Awareness Week—a week I never thought would have any significance for me. However, after beginning college, my struggle with mental health and anxiety heightened, and I sought out resources to help me cope with all the things I was feeling. Through therapy and a lot of support I realized what I had been struggling with my whole life, but that I was never able to understand, was obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD.

As activists rally in Harrisburg to legalize needle exchanges, a fight to keep them open continues in N.J.
Both advocacy campaigns are a sign of how controversial syringe exchanges remain, despite decades of evidence showing they decrease the spread of infections like HIV.

5 Ways to Help Your Student Overcome Post-COVID An...
Setting Up a Support System for a Senior Adult

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