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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending September 3, 2021


Is it Legal to Buy and Sell CBD Cannabis?

CBD consumption has increased in recent years due to numerous published studies and media coverage of its health benefits. However, although there has been a great increase in CBD consumption, some countries still have a legal vacuum. That is, it still does not have a specific legislative regulation.

'We're sick people getting well.' Middletown mom pushes NJ bill to help recovering addicts

Tim Bowles was down and out on a Long Branch bench. The 58-year-old recently had overdosed on heroin. He was homeless and dehydrated in the searing July heat. The police officer who came across him called Nikki Tierney. Within minutes, the 49-year-old Tierney arrived on the scene. She'd never met Bowles, but she knew his story all too well. After hearing Tierney out, Bowles got up off the bench. He hasn't looked back.

From Uber Rides to Patient Advocates: What It Takes to Increase ER Addiction Treatment
For years, Kayla West watched the opioid epidemic tear through her eastern Tennessee community. As a psychiatric nurse practitioner, she treated people with mental illness but felt she needed to do more to address addiction. So in 2020, when the state created a position to help hospitals improve addiction care in the emergency room, West jumped at the opportunity.

Symptoms of cyberbullying … as part of a campaign, use it, don't get addicted
The National Center for Mental Health Promotion has identified 6 signs that a child or teenager is being bullied. A campaign, "Use it, don't be addicted" by the Mawaddah Family Development Association, in collaboration with the newspaper Al-Madina, renewed the clarification of the signs of children or adolescents exposed to electronic bullying, a significant increase or decreased text conversations or device use in general. The child or adolescent.

Drug overdose deaths in 2020 were horrifying. Radical change is needed to address the drug crisis.
The provisional drug overdose death statistics for 2020 confirmed the addiction field's worst fears. More people died of overdoses in the United States last year than in any other one-year period in our history. More than 93,000 people died(link is external). The increase from the previous year was also more than we've ever seen—up 30 percent..

Wellspring Summer Programs
How to Help Your Child Handle Peer Pressure

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