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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending July 2, 2021


Illegal drugs trade goes digital for pandemic

Like supermarkets, restaurants and purveyors of sourdough bread, the illegal drugs trade went digital to serve its customers during lockdown, and could stay that way when the COVID-19 pandemic is over, Europe's drugs agency said on Wednesday.

Strategies for Effectively Allocating Opioid Settlement Funds
Opioid settlements with pharmaceutical companies have already occurred, and there are more to come. Settlement funds could save lives and mitigate lifelong harms from opioid misuse if they are allocated to the most effective interventions. States and communities have one chance to get the allocation right and to avoid some of the missteps that substantially diminished the potential public health impact of the tobacco settlement.

Ex-'Top Chef' contestant Gregory Gourdet on drug, alcohol abuse in NYC restaurant scene
A former "Top Chef" contestant is dishing about the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse in Manhattan restaurant culture, and how routine "shots of liquor" and "lines of cocaine" nearly derailed his life and career. 

YouTube bans election, alcohol and prescription drug ads from its masthead
YouTube is banning several types of advertisers from one of the most prominent spots on its homepage. The video streaming platform said Monday that it will ban ads related to gambling, alcohol and prescription drugs, as well as political and election ads, from its masthead — the banner displayed at the top of its website and apps.

The Opioid Crackdown Is Hurting People in Pain
Purdue Pharma and "pill mills" are rightfully getting clobbered with lawsuits and regulations for their role in the opioid crisis. But the crackdown is pummeling patients with chronic pain.

Teen’s Educational, Movie-Like Video Project Wins ...
It’s All About Love and Enabling

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