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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending May 21, 2021


As the Covid-19 crisis ebbs in the U.S., experts brace for some to experience psychological fallout
The end of the emergency phase of the pandemic is in sight in the United States, at least for now. But as the weight of the crisis is lifted, experts are also anticipating a long-term impact on people's mental health.

The pandemic brought addiction recovery online. What comes next?
Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous were forced online by the pandemic, with one Baton Rouge chapter establishing virtual meetings within days. The meetings proved strikingly successful: one "Nooner" gathering brought together recovering alcoholics from as far as Scotland..

FDA Approves Higher Dose of Naloxone as Opioids Become Stronger
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approvedTrusted Source a higher-dose formulation of naloxone hydrochloride nasal spray used to treat opioid overdoses. Two- and 4-milligram formulations of the product are already available. This new approval doubles the previous high dosage, giving clearance for an 8-milligram formulation of naloxone to hit the shelves. .

Study Shows Sports Betting More Addictive Than Gambling
An insightful new study published by the University of Guelph offers an interesting opinion on the connection between sports betting and problem gambling. According to the study, sports bettors are exponentially more prone to develop problem spending habits than any other form of gambling enthusiast.

Students Struggling With Mental Health Often Confide in Professors. They Want More Guidance on How to Help.
During an academic year that has been shaped by the pandemic, faculty members have encountered plenty of students who are grappling with mental-health issues. But data in one report shows that, despite their willingness to assist students in distress, professors don't know as much as they'd like about how to get them the help they need.

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