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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending March 19, 2021


House reshapes approach to mental health and addiction
House lawmakers are restructuring their bipartisan task forces dedicated to combating the drug epidemic and expect the chamber to consider behavioral health legislation this year, members told CQ Roll Call.

Study Reveals Many Workers Struggling with Mental Health Conditions
TResearch published by Emvitals, in partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine and Quest Diagnostics, shows 71% of participants at risk, 80% of which had no history of treatment.

Lockdowns Tied to Temporary Drops in Illicit Drug Seizures
Seizures of illegal drugs fell sharply in the United States during early COVID-19 lockdowns, but spiked once stay-at-home orders eased.

As overdose deaths climb during the pandemic, parents of children in addiction turn to podcast for support
With the stress, isolation, and economic disruption brought on by the pandemic, drug overdose deaths could reach 100,000 in a single year — the highest figure ever recorded in the United States, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse..

A long, strange trip to the mainstream for psychedelics
Forget the beads and bellbottoms — a new center at MGH signifies that the field of psychedelic therapy has arrived.

Helping Kids Combat Peer Pressure
NIDA’s 11th National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

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