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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending March 12, 2021


Murphy Backs Change To Marijuana Law Allowing Parent Notification
Gov. Murphy said he agreed with making changes to the marijuana law, allowing parents to be told if their child is found with booze or pot.

Vaping Pot Worse Than Vaping Tobacco for Teens' Lungs: Study
Teenagers who vape pot are more likely to wheeze and cough than those who smoke or vape nicotine, new survey data reveals.

COVID-19 Mental Health Crisis Is Hitting Young Adults
As the COVID-19 pandemic persists, mental health professionals are growing more alarmed about a parallel mental health crisis brewing for young adults..

Murthy vows to focus on mental health effects of pandemic if confirmed as surgeon general
During an interview with "CBS This Morning" on Tuesday, Murthy said the U.S. is facing a "deeply concerning" increase in mental illness during the pandemic, including among children.

We Need to Rename ADHD
Calling it a disorder falsely implies we know of a cause located in the brains of people diagnosed with ADHD—and we don't

What Is A Prevention Specialist and What Do They D...
BE the CHANGE Club Celebrates Self-Care

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