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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending December 11, 2020


A.A. to Zoom, Substance Abuse Treatment Goes Online
It began as a stopgap way to get through the pandemic, but both participants and providers say virtual sessions have some clear advantages and will likely become a permanent part of recovery.

Teen vaping is the other epidemic during the coronavirus era: What parents need to know
Health experts are urging families not to forget about another kind of epidemic that dominated the headlines before the coronavirus came along: vaping among teens and young adults..

Oregon Decriminalized Drug Possession. Now It Has to Offer Treatment.
Now that Oregon voters have agreed to end nearly all criminal penalties for drug possession, state officials have just over two months to set up a new recovery-focused system, a task that is particularly complicated due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a physician and a patient, I've seen the damage caused by the stigma of addiction. It must end
Although the disease of addiction is now obscured by the dark cloud of the Covid-19 pandemic, it continues to tear America apart. It's a relentless killer, fed by anxiety and uncertainty, and enabled by the attitudes of the health care providers who are supposed to be caring for people with it.

ER visits and long waits climb for kids in mental health crisis
When children and teens are overwhelmed with anxiety, depression or thoughts of self-harm, they often wait days in emergency rooms because there aren't enough psychiatric beds..

Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending Dec...
Senior Depression: Do You Recognize These 12 Commo...

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