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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending November 13, 2020


How to detox from election anxiety, according to mental health experts
At this point in 2020 — with a global pandemic, social unrest, natural disasters and a divisive election — we've heard plenty of advice about self-care.

Alcohol and COVID-19: How Do We Respond to This Growing Public Health Crisis?
Before the onset of COVID-19, the USA was experiencing rising rates of alcohol use, high-risk drinking, and alcohol use disorder (AUD) with negative consequences including increases in alcohol-related morbidity and mortality

Rigorous Study Backs A Psychedelic Treatment For Major Depression
The substance that makes some mushrooms "magic" also appears to help people with major depressive disorder.

The Critical Role of Schools in Mental Health
Student mental health incident rates and severity were already on the rise before the pandemic. COVID-19 has placed new strains on school districts to support students, with both new problems and opportunities.

'Not addressing mental ill health and its stigma is a false economy'
I bumped into someone I hadn't seen for a long time on the beach last week. It took us a moment to assess whether we were allowed to speak. As we were outdoors, there weren't seven of us, we were two meters apart, in a region deemed to be of medium risk and were both asymptomatic, we opted to risk it and say hello.

Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending Nov...
Fall Festival Fun With the PATH

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