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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending July 31, 2020


Should schools reopen for students' mental health? Experts weigh in
The talk of schools reopening in the fall and the push from President Donald Trump and his secretary of education to open in-person classes have many parents worried about the safety of their children.

Our patients with addiction often feel little more than 'animals' in the pharmacy — we must change
"I just want you guys to know this: you are by far the best chemist that I've been to. I know we are addicts and that, but that doesn't mean we have to be treated like animals, so thanks for being kind with people like us."

Memory triggering increases chance of drug addiction relapse - Hebrew U.
The research backs the claim that in the process of recovery from drug addiction, distancing oneself from contextual cues attached to drug use is imperative.

Flavored-Cigarette Ban Led to Smoking Decline Among Young Americans
Banning flavored cigarettes led to a large decline in smoking among U.S. teens and young adults, a new study suggests.

'Meet them where they are': Safe-injection sites should be allowed to protect drug users
The reason safe-injection sites must be supported rather than shuttered: Dead people can't get well.

Self-Care for Parents During COVID-19
Wellspring’s Commitment to Empowering Girls

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