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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending March 13, 2020


The death toll of the opioid epidemic is higher than originally thought, researchers say
Opioid-related overdoses could be 28 percent higher than reported because of incomplete death records, researchers found in a study published Thursday.

U.S. Kids Waiting a Little Longer to Try Alcohol, Drugs
It's never good news that kids are using drugs and alcohol, but fewer U.S. teens are starting before their 16th birthday, a new study finds.

"I could not believe it': Lack of mental health parity leaves families looking for answers
In crisis and out of answers, Virginia Holleman knew she couldn't quit. Her only son was in a spiral. An addiction to a dangerous combination of cocaine and anti-anxiety medication had him becoming more volatile by the day.n..

A New Wave Of Meth Addiction Is Hitting Queer People Of Color. But The Help Is Not There.
"We can blame the Ed Bucks of this world, but there's nowhere for our people to go to get what they need." Those on the frontline of the meth epidemic reveal what's blocking recovery for queer people of color.

New Data Support Gabapentin for Alcohol Use Disorder
The anticonvulsant gabapentin may help curb alcohol use and reduce withdrawal symptoms in patients with alcohol use disorder (AUD), new research suggests..

Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending Mar...
Have the Talk: A Mom's Guide to Discussing Opioids...

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