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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending February 14, 2020


In Addiction Recovery, a Matter of the Mind
Mindfulness holds promise as a treatment for those struggling to curb their substance misuse, researchers say.

Potential gene therapy to combat cocaine addiction
Have you ever slipped when trying to avoid sugar, quit smoking, or break another habit or addiction? Usually that one piece of cake or one cigarette won't ruin your whole plan, but for people struggling with cocaine addiction, one slip can undo months of hard work.

Naming stigma as a public health crisis is brave, bold, and necessary
Some people living with addiction or with concurrent mental health and substance use disorders are more likely to be evicted from a hospital than they are to receive care.

Mental health care is vital to routine health care
Parity as a concept is simple: Insurance coverage for mental health care should be equal to and no more restrictive than coverage for any other medical condition.

Schools Are the Main Source of Student Mental Health Care. Are They Ready?
Many schools have become the de facto mental health providers for adolescents, and many are not prepared for the task.

Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending Feb...
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