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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending December 20, 2019


During this season of reflection, we pause to express our sincere gratitude, and send you best wishes for a joyous holiday.

Opioid-Addicted Babies Cost U.S. More Than $500 Million Annually
Babies born addicted to opioids cost the U.S. health care system more than half a billion dollars a year, a new study finds.

Kratom is widely available in gas stations, despite experts' warnings of addiction, risks
There's not much solid data about how widespread the use of a psychoactive plant called kratom is in the U.S.

Normal or not? Many of us may be a little bit 'off' and that can be OK
Mental health exists on a spectrum and it's quite normal to have some personality traits or quirks that are left or right of center, experts say.

How Businesses Are Tackling Addiction's Mounting Toll on U.S. Workers
Business leaders are increasingly facing the toll of substance abuse on their workforce -- and need to do more to help both their affected workers and their bottom lines, according to executives at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit.

Why millennials are increasingly choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle
Millennials are increasingly reevaluating their relationship with alcohol. A movement known as "sober curious" is gaining popularity with these young adults, who are questioning both the physical effects of alcohol and the way drinking is ingrained in American culture.

Pathways’ P.A.L.S Trip to Habitat for Humanity
Pathways’ PALS2PALS Leadership & Mentoring Initiat...

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