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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending November 15, 2019


The changing face of the US opioid epidemic: Middle-aged black adults see rise in deaths
About 48,000 people lost their lives to opioids in 2017, the latest year for which complete data is available, according to a new study. Synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl, accounted for almost two-thirds of those deaths.

A Medication To Treat Meth Addiction? Some Take A New Look At Naltrexone
Melinda McDowell had used drugs since she was a teenager. But she didn't try methamphetamine until one fateful night in 2017 after her mother died suddenly of a stroke. She went to a neighbor's house and he had crystal meth.

'Horrific' level of stigma: biggest barrier to suicide prevention is discrimination
Judgmental attitudes in society are a major obstacle for those needing help, government's suicide prevention adviser says

Inside the Fight for Regulation as Rehab Centers Cash in on Patients
Navigating the maze of rehabilitation facilities for substance abuse problems is a daunting task for anyone, let alone an addict in desperate straits..

More Adolescents Seek Medical Care For Mental Health Issues
Less than a decade ago, the emergency department at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego would see maybe one or two young psychiatric patients per day, said Dr. Benjamin Maxwell, the hospital's interim director of child and adolescent psychiatry.

Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending Nov...
Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending Nov...

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