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Addiction News & Policy Update for Week Ending August 9, 2019


The Importance of Treating Opioid Use Disorder in the Justice System
If we are to effectively turn the tide on the opioid crisis, one of our top priorities must be integrating treatment for opioid addiction into the justice system.

'Idiot Wind' Tells A Personal Tale Of Journeying From Addiction To Recovery
I'm not sure I would have argued for another memoir in which a white man's life implodes from alcohol and cocaine addiction. But now comes Idiot Wind by Peter Kaldheim, its title from the Bob Dylan song, with something to offer.

Psychedelic Medicine Is Coming. The Law Isn't Ready
A surprising resurgence of psychedelic research has produced its first FDA-approved treatment, with more likely on the way

Could a cannabis substance replace opioid pain relievers?
Researchers have known about the pain relieving potential of cannabis for decades, but they have had to wait until now to determine how the plant creates such effective substances. Their findings may help provide a solution to the opioid crisis.

Treating a Chronic Disease, Beginning with Mental Health
People with mental illnesses die 20 years younger on average. Health centers are doing something about it.

Being a Parent in Today’s World
Pathways Summer Camp 2019: Final Two Weeks!

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