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Weekly ATOD & Advocacy Recap week ending August 22, 2014

The Fine Line Between a Casual College Drinker and an Alcoholic
Fall semester is quickly approaching and we all know what that means -- time to hunker down and perfect that beer pong curve in less than a month. For those of us who spend quite a bit of time flipping cups and shot gunning brewskis on our well-renowned campuses, it is important to acknowledge one of the most serious and misunderstood nicknames of our crowd: alcoholics. Rest of this article is here.

In halls of academia, medical marijuana an unwelcome guest
Colleges, mindful of federal rules, draw ire by keeping stiff bans.
Although medical marijuana has been legal in Massachusetts for nearly two years, many local colleges are putting out the message to students as the fall semester nears: You still can’t use it on campus, even if a doctor says it’s medicinal. Rest of this article is here.

Has Health Law Helped Young People Get Mental Health Treatment? Maybe
Mental health issues like depression, anxiety and substance abuse often start in adolescence, then peak in young adulthood. But for young people who don't have steady jobs or stable paychecks, getting help can be tough. A popular provision of the Affordable Care Act that took effect in 2010 aimed to make it easier for young adults to get access to health care, by allowing them to stay on their until they turn 26. So, are more young adults getting help with mental health issues because of the provision? Maybe, suggests a published in the September issue of Health Affairs. Rest of this article is here.

Who Has a Right to Pain Relief?
The legal, medical, and pharmaceutical industries have all struggled to locate the line between analgesia and drug abuse. Rest of this article is here.

Alcohol tax urged to fund abstinence-based rehab
Drink and drug addicts should be treated in abstinence-based treatment centres paid for with a new tax on alcohol, a think tank has urged. Rest of this article is here.

Alcohol is still the deadliest drug in the United States, and it’s not even close
Which intoxicating substance is associated with the most lethal violence? Devotees of the Wire might presume that cocaine or maybe heroin would top the list, especially if you asked the worst causes of violence in poor, minority communities. Rest of this article is here.

Does Motivated Counseling For Youths About Alcohol Work?
One form of drug counseling to help young people with drinking problems makes people in a 'we must do something' culture feel better may be of limited benefit, a new systematic review suggests. Rest of this article is here.

Marijuana Demystified: 5 Health Myths Debunked
Like it or not, marijuana use has increased exponentially since President Nixon declared a war no drugs in 1971. Rest of this article is here.

Peers, But Not Peer Pressure, Key to Prescription Drug Abuse among Young Adults
Current efforts to prevent prescription drug misuse among young adults need to consider peers — but not peer pressure — according to a Purdue University study. Rest of this article is here.

Breakthrough Treatments Offer Hope, But Bring Sticker Shock
Specialty drugs can literally change lives, but their price tags can make them out of reach for many patients. Rest of this article is here.

Weekly ATOD & Advocacy Recap week ending August 22...
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